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Things to Know Before Visiting Gideon's at Disney Springs!

Things to Know Before Visiting Gideon's at Disney Springs!

Thanks to an amazingly supportive community, Gideon’s Bakehouse is a popular single-owner small business in Orlando that has gained international attention. This has caused their location at Disney Springs to operate more like a theme park ride than a bakery. Here is some helpful information based on an average day to set an expectation and help you plan.

• They open at 10 am, but our line typically begins to form at 9 am, when the parking garage opens.

• When their line gets too long, we switch to a Virtual Queue. This allows you to go anywhere while waiting for a return text. On weekdays the Virtual Queue can start anytime from open to lunch, depending on crowds. On weekends it can happen before we open. After receiving your text, you will enter a return line that averages a 15-minute wait.

• Sign up for our queue must be done in person. When active, you will find our staff next to the bridge in front of Morimoto Asia.

• At present, virtual wait times on regular weekdays can average two hours. Busy days (Friday through Sunday) average five hours. The earlier you arrive, the shorter the wait and the better the selection since limited edition items will sell out.

• On average, around 6 pm to 7 pm every day, they have to close their queue to handle everyone on their list and close on time.

• They do not offer delivery, shipping, and preorders are not available for this location.

Preorders are available at the original store at East End Market, located 20 miles into Orlando.

Gideon’s is a 100% handmade bakery, and, as such, they do things a little differently. Please visit for more information . You can also email them anytime at

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